Roux the Day

food blog! let me tell you what we actually had at the first Louisiana Liberation Party. no fritos, no jello.

mint juleps
long islands

cornbread made by Da
buttermilk biscuits made by Da

chicken and shrimp gumbo (with rice, and french bread for dipping)
(i can make gumbo! from scratch! just not from the zatarain’s box.)
collard greens
short ribs made by Ma
sausages (cause we thought we wouldn’t have enough food)
cucumber salad (forgotten in the fridge until 3/4 thru supper)

brownies & ice cream
‘blackened’ pekan pye made by Da

i didn’t know okra was full of slime! it is! it’s dripping off the edge of the bowl there. and the little swimmers have their last swim. that broth was used “quite advantageously” in the gumbo (a tip from
Mandy’s Favorite Louisiana Recipes, a cookbook bought on a steamboat on the mighty Mississip.)

Biscuits taste better if you mix the batter with a measuring spoon left in the bowl.

pecan party! pecans go in with the shortribs (and so do oranges) and there are the two pekan pyes. even the rice for the gumbo had a bit of a pecan flavour to it.

also important to note: I learned that I have some roux-making skills! the pressure was on whilst making the roux — flour and oil browned, the darker the better, but if you burn it even slightly you have to start again. I achieved a New Orleans level of roux darkness (peanut butter) before i chickened out and called it. But next time I’m going to go darker. i have roux burns on my hands! warrior scars; i’m quite proud. (that was another tip from Mandy’s. at the end of the gumbo recipe: “serve with rice — and be proud!”)

and today i’m exhausted.


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