2007: The Year of T-Rex

I know year-end lists got boring about two weeks ago but I started this one *before* then and forgot to finish and post it. So … now I’m just posting it.

Topic I most enjoyed reading non-fiction about:

Best short stories writers I read this year:
Miranda July, Joey Comeau, Lisa Moore

Worst movie of the year, but not so terribly Showgirls-esque bad so as to turn good:
Georgia Rule

My most hated movie most loved by the rest of the world:
No Country for Old Men

My biggest letdown after massive expectations movie:
The Golden Compass

Best old movie I rewatched this year:
Singin in the Rain

Best movie-related idea I had this year:
To borrow Hitchcock films from the Toronto Public Library


Terrible CW show I expected to love and actually found tiresome:
America’s Next Top Model

Terrible CW show I expected to find tiresome but actually love:
Gossip Girl

First Annual Lamesauce Award for achievement in grand boringosity in the television arts:
Heroes, season 2


There were to be more categories and hilarity but y’know i’m pretty depressed about the whole Britney hospitalization thing and can’t really deliver. Next year…


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