*blackout* (not the Britney album)

hey y’all. i’ve gots power over here at my place. you? driving home with sarah d. was an adventure — the streets were vair dark along gerrard. country dark. sunnydale at the end of days dark. but all the lights are ablaze in my apartment and gossip girl will not go unwatched. phew.

now (re)reading: The Golden Compass, in preparation for the film vers, obvs. (who has time for typing out whole words?) and the TPL just lent me the aforementioned Shock Doctrine and No One Belongs Here More Than You. I know it’s old news but if you haven’t looked at the latter’s brill website you should right now.

in other news, what the frak is for dinner?

in other other news, the BSG tv movie Razor was NOT THAT GREAT. I know! I never feel that way about the BSG. (Except for that shitty documentary-style talking to the cameras bullshit phone-it-in episode. I didn’t like that one.) Razor definitely picked up in the second hour but I missed the focus being on the BSGers I know and love and the main plotline (where the frak is Earth and when will the Cylons leave us alone?). The last five minutes make the whole thing worth watching tho. Duh-duh-duh is how it makes you feel.

also you should know that i am one of those people they talk about on the news who is doing more online shopping from u.s. stores (but only good folksy ones). speaking of, i have some stuff i need to purchase… and some tea to make and then sip and slurp.


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