1 book, 2 book, 3 book, 4

I have been lax in reporting on my reading of late — most notable omissions = The God Delusion and Persepolis. Both of which come with the Calhoun Stamp of Approval. Getting almost all of my books from the Toronto Public Library can be both a blessing and a curse for at the moment I have nothing to read (that isn’t already on my shelf languishing) and I just know that there will be an unreadable amount of books ready for me all at once. That’s when I find out which ones I really want to read (Click) and which ones I think I should read (The Shock Doctrine).

100 Notable Books of the Year, according to the New York Times
And of those 100, I have read just one (erm, Harry Potter) and have one on my shelf unread (Leonard Woolf: A Biography). There are several on the list I’d like to read (After Dark, The View from Castle Rock, Yiddish Policemen’s Union) and others I would never (The Diana Chronicles). And you?


3 thoughts on “1 book, 2 book, 3 book, 4

  1. Is it the graphic novel Persepolis? Marjane Satrapi? If so, I loved it. I read all the installments last March when I was in Montreal for a week. I read it in French, which I’m sure made me lose a lot of the subtleties, but I thought it was sparkling nevertheless.

  2. Yes, indeed, the graphic novel <>Persepolis<>. I haven’t read the second (and third?) parts yet but have requested ’em from the good ole TPL. I’d like to read them before seeing the film. Which is supposed to be amazing as well.

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