clean up your act.

home home after a quiet day’s work — bookkeeping and deciphering scrawled notes on track-changes document. the folks at grocery gateway will be here sooner or later with my order. let’s cross our fingers for sooner. the quality of my dinner will be much much higher.

i am thinking vair seriously about getting a kitten (!) if you can believe it. last night we had a hang out, the kitten and i, and there were no sneezes or itchy eyes. i’ve been okay with lotsa cats lately (like in the past couple of years); but a giant pile of cat hair will still get me. how awesome would it be to have a kitten and then later a cat!? i could have this wee guy til i was in my forties! and i will have to dream up a glorious name…


6 thoughts on “clean up your act.

  1. Leanner and Russell rescued two from their backyard. I was playing w/ the black & white one that could just possibly be my little kitten. Forbes said as long as cat hair doesn’t coat the surface of everything…

  2. We found a kitten last week that we came *this* close to taking home, and ever since have been lusting after all things cattish. Not so much to get one (I am anti-pet) but the temptation is strong. I’ve got my name already– Carol. Carol the Cat. She’d be one in a million.

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