who hates the google chat donk noise? i do. i do.

i thought up quite a few things I wanted to tell you about and now that I’m ready to type ’em up, my mind has gone blank.


oh. Tori Amos concert on tuesday at the hummingbird centre. the set list is here and maybe you’ll note that it’s entirely great songs that I love. Including three from From the Choirgirl Hotel — one of my most treasured perfect albums of all time. There was a wonderful moment (in “winter”) where she was singing a quiet bit and the audience was all hushed and enraptured — then some jackass completely ruins it yelling out, “I love you Tori!” And his buddy yells, “Jason loves you too!” To which Tori replies, in a whisper, “Eat me.” It was glorious. Erin bought the official bootleg (i know, oxymoron, right?) and I’m listening to that song right now. Brills. I’m going to bootleg it from her. So it earns its name proper.

That was my fourth Tori A. concert. She’s still shy of my 7 Britneys, tied with U2 (but I’m done with them so she’ll lap ’em soon), nearly at the 5 Rolling Stones, already far past the 2 Paula Abduls.

Time to clean up. Our 25-year-old dishwasher is broken so for the time being, the 28-year-old dishwasher is being put to work.

Also: I think it’s time to name the raccoons that watch me watch TV. Suggestions? They’re pretty cute for destructive garbage eating vermin, so keep that in mind.


5 thoughts on “lunettes

  1. I know! I find it annoying that you can’t comment on tumblr. It should be more like KanYe’s blog, which is basically tumblr with comments enabled.K, will now read article.

  2. how many are there? what were their names on the show? one was cyril i think.or there is always scary, ginger, sporty, baby and posh….xx

  3. I’d say there are two raccoons that regularly visit, and a third that skulks around. So maybe Bandit, Casper, and Cyril. Those are pretty good names, I must say.

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