Live from Alberta

I’m in Edmonton! For the very first time. Lovely. I ate beef already! It tasted tasty. Wanna know something weird about steakhouses in Edmonton? And maybe other places too but S’rain & I had never heard of this before: they put a giant slab of BUTTER on your meat. My plate arrived and there was (what I thought was) a nice sizeable piece of bocconcini atop the steak, with some herb artfully stuck in like a Chrimbo tree.

Not cheese. Butter. I managed to deftly and swiftly remove it so I have not yet scheduled my exploratory heart surgery. Mother of God, says I.

So far I’ve taken a bunch of pictures but with my cell phone for y’all. I have to do some bluetoothing somewheres to show them to you. So expect a photo heavy blog entry; its thesis question is, Pearson Airport Terminal 1: Better than Nuit Blanche?

My sister says hi and I’m about to eat room service (of which I am taking a picture). Oh for a laugh, go to the website for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (not where we went for steak) and turn on your speakers. Listen to the sizzle.


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