tvesday night

through the power of time-shifting, i managed to watch FOUR hours of quality programming. here is my tvesday night report.

7 p.m. GOSSIP GIRL This show continues to be excellent. Thank you again trashy teen novels for providing such fodder. Last night, we learned that even if you’re handed your shiny future on a silver platter, life is tough and totes not fair. You don’t want to go to your dad’s alma mater, you wanna go to USC. Boooo. The scene at the end with Blair and Serena in Central Park, in the rain, with a big floppy hat on the blonde one (who dresses this girl?) was sad rich-girl friendship at its glorious best. I got misty. For reals.

Here’s where I got tricksy and watched the Maritime feed. The Tudors = vair good and not just for looking at Henry VIII. But that is a good part. Some Canadians in that show — including one guy who I see ’round town and Henry Czerny, who totally went to the same high school as me and the teachers always made a big whoop about it.

9 p.m. HOUSE
Better than the season premiere, I’d say. I liked the gang of potentials and really don’t miss House’s regular crew. Glad to see he was back to popping his Vicodin and that the writers could make more than just one joke per episode. Wilson is still getting on my nerves though. But better than anything else is FAN ART. Thank you dedicated

Yay for the new show. Great narration. Beautiful super-colour-saturation. Charming leads. Excellent character (Charlotte “Chuck” Charles) and place names (The Pie Hole). Morbid and romantic. Two of my favourite things. With the added bonus of the aunts’ former profession: synchronized swimmers. Please watch this show so it doesn’t get cancelled. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “tvesday night

  1. 1. Boo for Gossip Girl. Shame on you!2. Yeay for Pushing Daisies! I think it’s something I can really get into. I just downloaded the first episode cause I missed it.3. I too was going to write a “What I’m Watching Now” post on my blog but you totally beat me to it. Damn you Crissy.I’m going to do it anyway.4. 30 Rock on Thursday! Eureko!

  2. I think Canadians can watch Pushing Daisies on the CTV site. So if you missed it, go there. Looks like they’re good for something. (Tho not for the news.)

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