Lunch Break.

Guess what time of the year it is at ECW? Books comin’ back from the printer time of year. They are sooooo pretty and new. Finding Lost: Season 3 just arrived mere half-hours ago and it’s just perfect. Last week we got our two fall poetry titles and the paper is tres beauteous (oh and the words inside). And of course, Erin’s cover design worked out just right for our Heroes book.

In other news, I am testdriving some new tv shows this fall. One I tried to resist but it’s so bad it’s good and I can’t look away. That one is Gossip Girl. Oops. I know it’s awful. But wickedly watchable. It’s on tonight and I cannot wait. Oops. I tried Journeyman last night and found that I really don’t care about people helping people through time travel adventures. Unless your name is Dr. Who. While I was cooking some delicious ratatouille last night (which I am eating this very second), I decided to watch a seriously crap show called Big Shots. It’s a show about four asshole CEOs. They have problems. With women. We can be such stereotypical pests all the time, can’t we ladies? The pilot featured a running joke about one guy getting caught with a transvestite prostitute. Ohmigod. Can you even believe such hilarity and risque saucy talk? AHHHH. I vote for cancellation. Immediately.

Heroes was better last night than the week before. It featured such excellent moments as: Claire cutting off her own toe; Peter greased up and beat up (shirtless and someone sure spent their hiatus at the gym); a cool transition effect with Mohinder going from Haiti to that annoying guy’s office in one shot; a brief moment when I thought the annoying Kensei was actually killed off; no Niki/Jessica — second week in a row! Boo on: the two new plots of tracing the mysterious spreading virus and tracking down the other 7 (8?) paintings. I want more Sylar and brain snatching! And when does everyone’s favourite girl detective, Veronica Mars, show up? Soon I hope. (In the meantime I get my VMars from Gossip Girl.)

My earrings are little zebra heads. And they come all the way from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Zebras.


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