piss and vinegar

i leave my computer overnight at work lotsa days. that means no bloggery. so, sorry about that. i guess.

today’s dinosaur comic is particularly hilarious. maybe cause of the pointing? i am not sure. (if you click on it, you’ll be able to read the whole thing. or maybe it’s just my screen that is cutting off part of the funny.)
the idea with the wallet thing is that if someone asks you the difference between ethics and morals you can just throw your wallet at them and say 'IT'S IN THERE'

soon i am going to my friend’s house for supper + the office.

tomorrow is Claire’s birthday. she will be elderly. she will soon require people to help her cross the road.

I read Clay by David Almond since the library was kind enough to lend it to me. It’s not like Skellig (except for the boy protagonist whose life changes when he encounters a strange magical stranger); it’s more grown-up and monstrous. But bliddy good. Now reading Winkie, and Jen was right.

And finally, I have been in a serious grump all week long (maybe two weeks?). Misery coating on everything. But please don’t ask why cause there is nothing that i can properly articulate and i don’t wanna lie to you.

Shake it off, shake it off: The Office. Nuit Blanche. Bluegrass Brunch with people I haven’t seen in 10 years. Edmonton? And best of all, new baby new baby new baby.


One thought on “piss and vinegar

  1. yes i am indeed elderly. so far it’s ok. darren gave me 28 presents (some of which included kleenex and a lollipop).are you going to edmonchuck?xx

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