Introducing Tabitha Soxfield

I’ve invented some pretty decent aliases over the years; Georgia Tot Sint Jans comes to mind, as does the #1 champion last name of Calhoun. And I have a new one (inspired in part by the Grocery Gateway delivery person): Tabitha Soxfield. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with that name, but something. It’s just marvy. And a google search came up empty-handed (did I mean Tabitha Foxfield? nope.) so it’s mine all mine.

News: Had my first ballet class with Sarah D. We both did very well (she is better at the ballet technique, and so on) and I am sooooo glad we are going. My life has already improved by a million. (That is a serious exaggeration.)

Books: Just finished Skellig by David Almond…I’ve read several books for young’uns lately, and I think this one takes the cake. It’s such a straightforward book about the most extraordinary things; you just march along between the sadly realistic and the realistically fantastical. Claire tells me a film adaptation is in the works and I can see how it would translate quite well. I’ll be reading David Almond’s Clay next. (The TPL has given me a stack of books all at once and I wonder if I’ll manage to get thru ’em.)

Today: A pumpkin patch with Erino and S’rain since it’s autumn, officially.

TV TK: The Office starts up again this week and you can bet I am happy about that. Bet on it. It’s a safe bet. Tho I am reluctant (and have already missed ep. #1), I think I shall try ANTM again this cycle. It will be awful and exactly as it has been for eight cycles but but but so hard to look away. Have I expressed my undying love for Weeds? I am rewatching S.1 with R. and just saw the episode that ends with Selia (sp?) saying, “I took a lude.” Oh it knocks my socks off.

The font is now bigger as per K’s request. Too big or just right?


One thought on “Introducing Tabitha Soxfield

  1. Perfection, ma belle. Like you. P.S. Dine and I missed you tonight… I grilled special salmon on my rooftop terrace and there was a bottle of rose and mango salsa and lots of giggles, and we kept thinking about you, esp. when we capped off the evening with chocolate and lemon tarts and “Surprise” from BTVS. Good on you for ballet classes! Plié, I say, plié!

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