what happened to all the pink? CHANGE happened, people. We’ll see if this template’s a winner or not but I was tired of looking at all those hues of rose. So now we are cleaned up. White-washed. But without the negative connotations.

Which reminds me (the template change does), at ECW we’ve launched our new website. It’s way better than before (but perhaps a few bugs linger? yes of course. let me know if you find one+). Have a look see.

Today I will make a lasagna. Today I will read a very tres bon manuscript that will, in fall 2008, be a very tres bon book. Today I will get rid of some cobwebs. Today I will think about my superpal who is ready to give birth to a baby boy predestined to have excellent taste in TV and books. Today I will be studying for the upcoming Tori Amos concert. Today I will be so much better than before.

**and one more thing on this historic day of change: calhoun.tumblr.com.


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