flashlight dream

over in the county of hastings, where i spent my long weekend, the local rock station played “Roxy Roller.” We immediately took to it and Clazza’s found a video of it and I’ve discovered that it was a Juno-winning song for Sweeney Todd, a glam rock band from Vancouver (a phrase I haven’t written before) and then was covered by Suzi Quatro. That’s the version we heard on that super rock long weekend. A quick look at the lyrics suggests that our heroine, Roxy, is a hooker: Roxy Roller / Five-bob job / She gets bubble-gum on her knees / Down between the seats. Oh Roxy Roller.

Sharelle blogged about this a while back but I’ve taken to using it so shall mention it here. Musicovery — for when you are tired of your own music or can’t think of what the fuck to listen to. It provides ya with songs by people you forgot you liked and songs by people you really should like.

Musicovery is a pretty little webradio application that allows users to select the music they would like to listen to based on various parameters. Click a point in the “matrix” of the calm/energetic and dark/positive axes to determine the mood of the music you want to listen to. Also select by genre, decade and popularity. A click in the neighborhood of “calm” and “positive” within the “electro” genre spawned a pretty little organic blossom of…wait for it…calm and positive electronic music

While I’m pilfering Sharelle’s blog, let’s mention the Thomas Allen pulp fiction cover stand-ups. I think they are marvy and may have to get myself his book, which Sharelle tells us is called
Uncovered. More at Foley Gallery.

In our town of Flinton, Clairey, S’rain, and I went to a flea market, which was more like a trunk sale with some perma stands. A lot of mason jars on sale, but also a dried-grass parking lot full of cassette tapes and books. Two copies of Paula Abdul’s remix album Shut Up and Dance (i already have it so didn’t get it), a million Heart tapes, Chris Sheppard, George Michael…. S’rain went for the Corey Hart and early Michael Jackson. Claire found a Fred Astaire CD. I added to my Dylan Thomas collection and now own two recordings of Under Milk Wood, this one a BBC production with Richard Burton. I listened to the first half last night and it’s quite magical and funny. Funnier than I remember. As far as I can tell, it’s the 1954 recording but you can hear the 1963 one here. Also for 25 cents apeach, The Ice Age (Margaret Drabble) and Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov). Plus three not-so-torrid romance novels for cabin reading. Flipping through one, Dearest Traitor, for the naughty bits, I came across the best-ever whispered sweet nothing. Our heroine Georgina is being overpowered by the ferocious Stephen. He reaches up under her sweater and says something like, “Your breasts are soft and supple, warm like a kitten.” I urge my boob-caressing readers to try this out on a lady friend in the near future. PLEASE. If you can keep a straight face.

And I’ve finished Hairy Potts Numero 7 so feel free to discuss the ending with me whenever you please. I felt compelled to read it as fast as possible but must admit that I don’t really care for any of the characters and was accordingly not that invested. Also I had le grand pleasure of telling Claire what I would have included in the last book if I were J.K. and was right on track with most of it. Minus the crap epilogue (crapilogue). And the bit about a character called Crissy Calhoun riding in on her horse Thunderbuckeroo (borrowed from S’rain) to save the day by leading Dumbledore’s Army and the Death Eaters in a spontaneous yet perfectly synchronized dance routine that unites them all. And you best believe we’d have a laser light show with all those wands, jazzing it up. Quite the show.

Now reading Daniel Handler’s Watch Your Mouth. The cover is AWFUL but the text is molto bene thus far. I guess that’s one more point for not judging a book by its cover.

Well that’s enough for now. wouldn’t ya say?


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