liquidlamesaucebox. nuts.

what is an adjective if not sauce poured on a noun to give it some flava?
i am (re)introducing a few word combinations into my vocabulary.

. as far as i know, i made that one up. adam was watching america’s got talent and it just happened: this is lame…sauce. i think it works because the word itself is lame(sauce) and therefore provides the speaker with a degree of pleasure in its utterance as well as some much needed humility.

next up: saucebox. inspired by Samuel Richardson’s epistolary novel Pamela (1740), which is such a dreadful moralistic bore. the only was to get thru it is by by calling everyone and thing a saucebox as you read it, much like our Pamela is so called (and worse) by everyone in the lamesauce book.

and finally, liquid nuts! t-rex made this one up and it is to be used as an intensifier. actually it’s just the liquid part (as in “liquid heresy!”) but liquid nuts as a phrase is too f’n good not to use ALL the time.

may i also suggest combining terms in one super crackin sentence? e.g., “Superbad was 50 percent liquid nuts, 50 percent lamesauce!” (that is my actual opinion on the film, fyi.)

ah crud. i may have thought up lamesauce but so did gamillions of other people. now i am the one who is lamesauce. liquid lamesauce.


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