bien agiter

if you were a regular at the diner where i was both proprietor and short-order cook, you would know when you order the omelette, your meal would actually be scrambled eggs. but it sure would come as a surprise to the new customers.

the house special would, of course, have nothing to do with eggs but would be a fascinating variety of cheese melts and grilled cheeses. also excellent coffee in perfect little cups (free refills) and a proper orange juice glass and very proper orange juice. in the spring and summer, we’d have homemade lemonade and a very delicious traditional pimm’s at the ready, always.

the seats would be turquoise, at least the twisty stools along the counter. and there would be big windows at the front that open all the way, likely doors when I think of it, so in the summer it would be breezy and warm. of course this diner would be in that dimension erin & i were discussing where 7 months of the year the weather is 26 degrees, sunny and breezy. (plus one month for winter, one month for fall, one for spring, 3 weeks of hot-hot summer, the remaining 5 weeks are wild card weather.)

and also we’d have the best milkshakes and cheeseburgers outside of In ‘n’ Out Burger.

what am i talking about? i do not know but i can seriously picture this diner and it’s great there. fret not i have no aspirations to be a proprietor/short-order cook and i do not possess the skillz to pull it off. see above re: omelette. i do have the skillz to make myself a cuppa tea and settle down which is what i shall do right NOW.


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