embarrassment of riches

birthday fest 2007 is now officially over. it was a good run this year full of delights and wonderment.

  • i saw many pals and talked to my far-from-home pals, all of whom continue to be super excellent choices for pals;
  • i received many stellar presents and a collection of attractive greeting cards;
  • i met Mr. Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame and lost the power of speech but found the power of swoon;
  • my hair got chopped in a pleasing fashion (the bangs are back; no more hairbands for me);
  • for three days in a row, i did zero work;
  • my nails are neon pink & the colour has turned out to be quite the conversation starter;
  • several meals were (i presume) lovingly prepared for me & they were all tasty and no doubles;
  • i converted R. to Weeds plus bought S.2 for me;
  • at tcaf, i discovered a softer world and now have two webcomics to read religiously and if i discover a brill comic every time i go to one of these festivals i will soon be out of time but full of joy;
  • i signed up for a ballet class in september w/ (work, not dr.) Sarah;
  • erin nicole & i shopped in a store intended for pre-teens (again!);
  • my sister got me with the best prank-by-post yet, one 6 months in the making (well mostly in the waiting but that is the hardest part);
  • two new things are on my bedroom walls: mr. rory calhoun and three birds;
  • i did not see any of my immediate family members on my birthday (this is not a good thing, but is filed in the ‘interesting’ category) and the last time that happened was on my 16th birthday — i was at camp being a counselor (tho my campers were only 9 mths, tops, younger than me) and we were on a canoe trip and i entirely forgot it was my birthday until late at night when someone sang some song with birthday in it (no, not ‘happy birthday’) and then i was all, no way! and amie was all, oops! — oh no wait, the birthday i spent in london with claire qualifies too, i must be getting dotty in my old age; and
  • cupcakes, long islands, irish car bombs, and the impeachment of bush.

what more could a girl ask for?

to know how to make the not-equal sign on a mac, that is what she could ask for. geeeez. so many times i find myself wanting to type, x ≠ y, where x = noun and y = adjective (for example). well, once again googling provides me with answers: it’s “option =” for ≠! get ready for a lot of things to ≠ here at the tribune!



2 thoughts on “embarrassment of riches

  1. Your presumption is correct. At least as far as I’m concerned. Don’t know about your other “friends” who cook you “meals”.

  2. my other “friends” were actually my “mother” and my “estranged husband” so that’s where the presuming comes in handy…oh and also forbes cuz he made those tasty little pancakes.

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