Living After Midnight

It’s all Priest all the time here at the Tribune. I feel like I have entered final exam mode. A feeling aided by Forbes’ continuous studying for the bar (which he will be writing very very shortly, and on his birthday. boo on that). [odd sentence/bracket combo there. yowza.]

I’m working from home today because even tho it took me til after midnight, I got through hundreds of images for the book yesterday. Yes, I did slow down as I worked and watched my Wednesday Night Reality Programming: Canada’s Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance.

CNTM (Erin and I agreed that the acronym somehow reminds us of nu-country and therefore gives us the creeps) — they booted one of my favourite girls and kept a crappy girl (the one who looks a bit like Starbuck).

So You Think… (SYTYCD doesn’t really work, does it?) — I love this show a lot. More than Top Model. I said it and I mean it.

Alright — not much here for you faithful readers as it’s time for me to go and refill my coffee and grab some breakfast (since my mum told me to eat breakfast), which i am pleased to announce will include delicious strawberries.

And of course, a super cracking Happy Birthday to Forbes. Who is really very old now.


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