silly youtube. i tried posting that salad fingers & spice video from youtube and received a message saying that the post would be up shortly. 48 hours later…that is not “shortly” in this digital age. anywho.

there were two new episodes of veronica mars on tonight and i had no idea. i missed the first one. why? why, you ask? because forbes and i (yes, i’m dragging him down with me here) were watching The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman — After the Rose Ceremony. This is the hideous post-decision episode where the broken-hearted rejected girls get to describe how broken hearted and rejected they feel and then the happy couple comes out and kisses and wins a trip to Peru.

anyway, Andy (the bachelor….well, not anymore ladies…) chose Tessa. you may recall, avid readers, a while back when I watched the Bachelor and then blogged on my experience:

“he just said he thought one of the contestants (tessa) was ‘wife material.’ what does that even meeeeaaaaaan?”

I guess what Andy Baldwin meant was that he would get engaged to her. Makes sense. Pretty straightforward actually. The nice host Chris mentioned that the Bachelor, in its 10 seasons, has now sucessfully match-made four couples (counting Andy and Tessa). But I don’t think Andy and Tessa count yet. So, counting the three successful couples, for the bachelors, that’s a 33.3% chance of finding love on the show. And for the bachelorettes, that’s a 1.3% chance. Sounds about right to me.

in other tv news, the finale to Heroes sucked. if i were sylar, i would slice open its head and then not eat its brain because it clearly has no super power.

in other news, i clearly have no life.


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