edition #978: things i like

i finished reading Degrees of Nakedness par Lisa Moore and again, loved it. Open & DofN are a bit mashed together in my head since I read them back to back to back. Next up is our book club book: Joyland by Emily Schultz. I read it back when it was in pages but have not read it in a book format, and not outside of the office. So that shall be new.

over the weekend, i saw Blades of Glory. Twice. it should come as no surprise that i loved that movie. i like dumb jokes. and the entire cast. mind-bottlingly funny.

i don’t often talk about make-up but this weekend i finally spent the sephora gift certificate i got for chrimbo. i had gone into that store 9,000 times and was over- & underwhelmed and left empty-handed. i finally cracked it on saturday. i am wearing some nice new pink lip gloss. it’s a good one — nice colour & texture & doesn’t smell like baby whores. so there. hurrah for my new lippy.

Lost was not the greatest for me earlier this year, right when I was in the Battlestar Galactica marathon. So it’s not exactly fair to compare. However. The last few episodes have kicked ass and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment tomorrow eve. I think and hope that the wrap-up to this season will be awesome-bossome-opossum.

now we ecwers are off to the launch for Rifke: An Improbable Life over at Le Quattre Seasons. So I must be signing off. more lates.



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