well, hello. long time no.

what can i tell ya? i finished reading open (and returned it to the TPL on time, y’alls). it continued to kick ass to the very very end. the last story in it, “grace,” reminded me of “the dead,” the last story in the dubliners. (that is a very good story. achy good. maybe time for a rereading.)

why don’t i read more short story collections? good ones, i mean. not bad ones. no time for those. short stories are kinda perfect for commuting and before-bed reading and all the kind of bits of reading i find myself doing these days. and there’s always those few longish stories in a collection so you can get all the way in and walk around for a while before the end. hurrah for short story collections. Sarah D. was kind enough to bring me degrees of nakedness par ms. lisa moore. so that is next up on the list. [i wonder if all this lisa moore talk will lead to another comment about how audio books of her titles are available. it happened last time. oh search engines. you continue to creep me out.]

quoi d’autre? i spent the long weekend not in church or hunting for eggs, but visiting my grandmere in ottawa. something we all should do more often. unless your g’ma lives somewhere else. then it doesn’t make sense to go to ottawa. she won’t be there. i took my camera and forgot to use it. so please just imagine me with my family having a nice if not somewhat claustrophobic time.

i thought this friday (april 13th) was my name day but now the internets are confusing me with all their differing information. so i don’t know when to celebrate it. on the plus side, i have just learned that my name (cristina) means “the anointed one,” which translates in the Buffyverse to “the annoying one.”

i’m thinking about switching fonts here on the calhoun tribune from this to this. what do you think? it’s just a little curlier and nicer, i think, than boring old verdana. we’ll see. i don’t want to alienate my few readers with such a drastic change.

other things you may or may not be interested to know:

  1. my room is messy.
  2. my roommate is out buying me a london fog and he has a cold and a lot of homework to do…ummm, i’m the one who’s supposed to be out, non?
  3. i am getting addicted to facebook and it’s all R.Gedds fault.
  4. my back aches like a muthafrakker from sleeping on a crapeaux pull-out couch and then sitting in a car forever.
  5. i have missed the last two episodes of America’s Next Top Model and have seen the last two episodes of The Bachelor and am really not pleased about that.
  6. i don’t know how to make those numbers smaller and they are tooooo bigggggg.
  7. i need a haircut badbadbadly.
  8. i hate the shirt i’m wearing a lot. it’s pink and dumb but the concept of it is really promising so i keep trying it out and it keeps failing.
  9. for the past two days i thought it might be nice to have a boyfriend type person but i bet i don’t really want one. if i go with past behavioural patterns.
  10. next week is the london book fair & i wish i was going because i would get to see claireygee and have an adventure. i am, however, going on a workey trip to nyc in june and that will be nice too.
  11. daniel told me to keep my dukes up and my chin down and i think that’s the best advice, well, ever.

2 thoughts on “abandonblog

  1. Oh man, your blog title scared me. I thought, “NO!! Crissy’s abandoning her blog?!” But… whew. “Open” has been on my reading list forever, but now that you say one of the stories is like The Dead, I MUST read it. That and DH Lawrence’s “The Odor of Chrysanthemums (sp?” are two of my all-time fave short stories.

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