Not One, But TWO

I am more gullible than I thought. I tried very hard on Sunday, aka April Fool’s Day, to come up with some trickery.

After discussing the lack of possibility with Adam, I came up with this:

Crissy: I’m moving out.
Adam: I’m pregnant.

Maybe five minutes later, Erin and I start gmail-chatting.

Erin: I bought a real pony!
Crissy: Really????
Erin: April Fool’s!

Yup. I thought Erin bought a pony. What I didn’t realize til 10 minutes ago was that I had already fallen for another April Fool’s. As I was signing into Gmail, I saw their new feature advertisement, for Gmail Paper. You tell them what emails you want hard copies of, they print and mail them to you. I thought what a dumb idea but whatevs, lalalalala, pony! So ya. They were joking.

What happened to the good old days when I was the joke-maker? Rats. I better start planning for next year.


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