rain on the roof

friday should have been renamed suckday. it was crapeaux. i do, however, have an absurdly awesome group of family and friends (and co-workers are included in there). watching american in paris was the right thing to do on saturday morning. but even friday-eve was an improvement. an odd assortment of activities.

1. the cd release performance of Carmen Unzipped. Jean Stilwell sang some … old standards? show tunes? (i don’t know enough about this kind o’ music to describe it with any accuracy) as well as some made-up (very) funny songs (e.g., about being in love with a starbucks barista) with little bits of dialogue peppered between about her history playing carmen and how it intersected with her personal life. then the show ended with that famous part from carmen. amazing.

then we wander 2. Betty’s. For a in-between-time cocktail and a bite of supper. Tash & I attempt to have an actual conversation in a bar filled with drunk dudes watching the basketball game. It was pretty amusing. Enter S’rain, coming from a friend’s wedding

and we 3. go to the Rent-A-G wrap party. the cabdriver is a philosopher who gives us a non-stop speech about his world view from the front seat, barely missing a beat when a giant coach bus turns into the cab and we have to make an emergency turn. tash has heart palpitations. we safely arrive at the wrap party; it’s at some legion-type hall on niagara. there’s a bluegrass/country band. food catered by pizza hut. highlight for nerdly me: talking to colonel tigh’s son. everyone is quite drunk, as they should be. there is a little front lawn with white benches, where you go to smoke. hanging out on a lawn was my other favourite part i think. i don’t do that as much as i used to when i lived in the region. then home to bed.

open by lisa moore. it puts me in a trance. i quite love her writing and pledge to read her published rest. and to track down my copy of alligator and re-read it.

and to clarify on never let me go — i didn’t think the concept of the book was silly. i thought the idea, the world of the book, had a lot of potential to be extremely interesting. and that’s why i am miffed with it. because i thought it dropped the ball and didn’t explore the good parts. its focus was so minute and for me, not compelling.

yestereve, tash & i had a proper Angel marathon. season 5 is a frakkin good season. at least the first 5 episodes are. the angel v. spike dynamic is comedy gold. the first time i watched S.5 was in such a flurry that I can’t remember a lot of the plot and i’m going to stop trying. that way twill almost be like watching new eps of Angel. almost.

this week is my bro’s bday, a concert with forbes (you say party! we say die!), and an easter trip to visit grandma ottawa.

and today it’s raining. i shall slowly make my way over to the cfa and worky-work-work.


One thought on “rain on the roof

  1. Open by Lisa Moore is also available as an unabridged audio from rattlingbooks.comNarrated by Lisa Moore, Mary Lewis and Holly Hogan.

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