the Long Way Home

ah love. i just read Issue #1 of Season 8 of
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (“the Long Way Home”). ninety-million good plot starters were introduced. it’s so weird to read it instead of watch it, and weird to go inside Buffy’s and Xander’s heads. (Willow’s MIA at the moment.)

there’s this awesome set-up: a bad military dude compares Buffy and her gang, or “army” as he calls them, to a terrorist organization, and calls her a threat to American interests. Is this gonna get political in a way that the show never really did? hmmm. as long as Riley doesn’t show up, I’m all for it.

Issue #2 comes out next week & Nikki and I have our copies reserved at our local comic book store. Guess what it’s called? Watcher Comics. Yup. Perfect. I hope Giles is there next time.


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