Écoutez moi. Je suis le professeur. Répétez après moi.

Guess what the TPL has on hold for me??
An American in Paris.

I caught half of it the other day (and totally forced R. to watch it) and now get to see the whole thing in one sitting. Or the whole thing twice in two sittings. Or two sittings and one dance-along.

J’ai du rythme,
J’ai du la musique,
J’ai du ma cherrie
Who could ask for anything more?
J’ai the daisies
Dans green pastures,
J’ai ma cherrie
Who could ask for anything more?
Old Man Trouble,
I don’t mind him —
You won’t find him
‘Round my door.
Vous comprenez ça, maintenant?


In less jazzy news, I finished Never Let Me Go. Non merci. I agree with Sir Redekop (I believe he used the word “silly”). It was something I would have stopped reading, never finished, if not for the book club. Next up (also from the TPL): Open (stories) by Lisa Moore.


5 thoughts on “Écoutez moi. Je suis le professeur. Répétez après moi.

  1. you so have le great taste. and come tomorrow eve ruthie and i will be canadians in paris. who could ask for anything more? (oui je sais – le grand fromage)

  2. I thought it was silly in places, and boring teenage and yes perhaps if it had been someone else’s novel it would never have been read. But all the same there was something… it was the melody of it. After I finished reading, Judy Bridgewater’s song was running through my head and I’ve never even heard that song. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.

  3. Ah, my boyfriend’s picture on your blog! LOVE it. I must see that movie again. I agree with Kerry on Never Let Me Go… while it’s not a book I’ll be telling absolutely everyone to read, I found it haunting. Silly isn’t a term I would be able to apply to it at all [WARNING: SPOILERS HERE] — it’s told from the point of view of someone less than human who thinks they’re fully human and doesn’t realize that the rest of society has been shunning her and her “kind” her entire life, while her “kind” exist solely to benefit that same society. Nope… the word “silly” just doesn’t come to mind with something that sad. But that’s just my two cents.

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