last night i went to a very funtastic America’s Next Top Model viewing party at Mick’s house. her roommate thought Ola and I were sisters and S’rain was the wacky cousin. Prolly cause Ola and I have matching blazing red cheeks (at least when watching ANTM).

in addition to learning how to correctly do every single pose from tyra and learning how to be crazy from every single model, we also did the ’round the circle one-line-each poem game. that’s the mix-up below.

AND mick’s roommate (Sarah) just happened to have a bag of clothes for giveaway so we also had a real-life version of one of those trying-on-clothes movie montage scenes.

sounds like i stayed up late on a school night, eh? well, i did. cause i have two days of holiday for a super extenda mix weekend. weeeeeeeeee. so far i have slept in and it was glorious. (sorry to those at work….well, not that sorry cause it’s been a long ass time since i took a vacation.)

also, look at the nice C pic my sister took. she found it in her breakfast.


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