Frakkin Fierce.

I’ve got my laptop and am sitting on the couch; Adam has his, on the other couch. watching America’s Next Top Model. The second hour of the 2-hr premiere just started. I am soooooo jazzed.

ANTM started with Tyra Banks stomping the yard. Yes. Stomping. Ah lurve. She always commits, 100 percent fierce. Right now, the Russian mail order bride is hugging a wall with “pro choice” written on her belly. Another two models just had to do a pro gay marriage photo. The “plus size” girl said: “I definitely think playing college basketball helped with the lesbian thing.”

I do hope Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker (pictured above) does another shoot later in the cycle. It seems a waste of his enormous talent (ooh-er) to have him do their first shoot.

Top Models I don’t like: Sarah (she’s the braggy one). Renee (she’s the aggressive mum/wife).
Top Models I do like: Jasline (though she’s frighteningly* thin). Kathleen (she’s really quite dim but funny as hell).

(*do not ask Tyra to say this word.)

In other television news, tonight’s episode of Lost was just meh for me.
I wanted them to drive the Dharma wagon over to the Others burb. That would be exciting (and funny). Instead…Kate tells Rousseau about Alex. Claire told Rousseau about Alex last season. So Claire didn’t know where/how to find her and wasn’t about to embark on a mission to rescue Dr. Jack but … hardly an episode cliffhanger.

I seem to be very harshly judging things this week. I saw The Queen last night w/ Erino and Tashino. I yawned. I fidgeted. I thought up jokes about the film and told them to myself. And then to Erin when I realized she wasn’t into it either. The problem is: I don’t care about the Royals. Some of the customs and protocols were interesting … in the same way as catching 10 minutes of some British documentary program my mum is watching can be informative. Helen Mirren (who I love from other British shows I watched w/ my mum, namely Prime Suspect) and the Tony Blair impersonator did just that — fantastic impersonations. But the rest of it. well — whatever did that stag represent??

Back to Top Model. Judgement time. Adam says (pro gay marriage) Whitney wasn’t “really popping” for him; she wasn’t “very twee.” Oh and alas — my favourite dummy is gone. Farewell Kathleen. Your idea to only make fur jackets from animals that die naturally from fighting in the jungle or forest was a good one.

right then. onwards.


One thought on “Frakkin Fierce.

  1. I would have to agree on Jaslene being my tops. Mail order bride is a frightmare, but fun to watch. Can’t wait to see fake nails chip as she and Miss Hawaii — who LEFT her 7-month-old son for 15 minutes of fame — get it on. Me also no liking plus-size supercop girl who is rather not engaging and will soon be gone, leaving only plus-size lesbian basketball player girl to “represent” (as Sarah so succintly put it) for the big ladies.This week’s Lost was pure fluff. But next week’s looks like it’s ramping up the excitement again!

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