undue excitement

a few weeks ago, i started thinking about roll up the rim. it’s so miserable and february-y. i could sure go for the excitement of rolling up the rim, maybe win a muffin i don’t want.

this morning i am over at the CFA. there’s a tim hortons right on the corner of king & john. i went there. i have in my hand (well, beside my hand. hard to type with a coffee in hand) a roll up the rim waiting to be rolled up. i wonder if i will win $1000.

remember when sarah fl. won $1000? and then shared it with the friend she was with 50/50? that was a real-life scruples question if ever there was one. (they had placed the same order. the friend picked up her coffee first, selecting the losing cup. sarah took the winner. and she, well, won. then she decided to give her pal $500.)

point is, as roji always says, someone has to win. i hope it will be me. or you.

now we will all be winners this evening. you know what’s back like backstreet? (as in cheesy, poppy goodness you feel slightly ashamed for liking): America’s Next Top Model!

ok. maybe i should go to work or something. see y’alls laters.


3 thoughts on “undue excitement

  1. I hope antm (cycle infinity) will be full of winners who remember when they last threw something across a room or kicked someone in anger. My PVR waits with bated breath…

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