This, That, The Other

Watching: Battlestar Galactica, Season 3. Admiral Adama just gave a wicked speech to Starbuck & Tigh. Frakkin A.

Reading: Brother Dumb by Sky Gilbert. yes, this is another ecw book. it’s probably the fourth time i’ve read it (each time slightly closer to this, the final version) and each time i lurve it. and it’s so nice to cross those favourite moments and sentences again. the sense of familiarity with it.

BlogReadin: Marti Noxon, former Buffy writer extraordinaire, co-wrote this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and no surprise, it was better than all the other episodes this season added up. there was a scene about the value of goods one can buy at a dollar store (“there’s about two dollars worth of sudoku here.”) that very well could have been S’rain or Bob Smith talking. And Marti blogged about writing for the show & just happens to talk some Buffy.

Eating: Rapini. Well, ate rapini. Now having tea and ginger snaps.

Listening to: Lily Allen on repeat. I really cannot get enough of her. “Littlest Things” is such a perfect song. It almost makes me wish I was moony over an ex. Almost.

Choosing: Humans over television. Twice in one week.

Crafting: A plastic-bag bag. It was in an issue of Bust a few months ago. You make “yarn” out of plastic bags, you know the giant overflowing pile of them under your sink, and then you crochet them into a slouchy shoulder bag and use that for your grozzeries. I started on the “large ball” of plastic yarn last night (as per the instructions) and Adam could not stop laughing at me. I threatened to suffocate him. I’ll take a picture and post it when I’m done (of the bag, not of dead Adam). First I need the crochet hook and to learn how to crochet.

To get so much work done this weekend, to see pals, to watch Buffster, to tidy-tidy-tidy, to sew buttons on jackets, to daydream about trips and discover how to travel between parallel universes.


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