guess who? haiku

s’rain, michelle, tash and i wrote some haikus.
Round 1: we all randomly picked one of our names and wrote a haiku about that girrrrl.
Round 2: we picked names again and wrote a poem about the special gentleman (since we’re all [mostly] straight) she would one day meet.
it’s a guessing game. for us. and now, for you.


1. You are a stripper
And I’m sure you like cocaine
More than your vodka

2. Don’t you throw me down
I’ll kick your ass, take your crown
Spice Girls — World go round!

3. Smirk. Eyes bright. Fire ignites
Wild wind blows down empty tracks
Young freedom, endless night.

4. She’s good with the words
Alter ego is Rory
Her laugh is music.


1. Big drinks and free reign
Attractive from the inside
[noun] [verb] everyday

2. He smiles and answers
To you, “JFK of course”
Reached for the top — won.

3. Fire in his gut
Wields his pen with righteous hand
Twinkle in his eye.

4. He will fail in life
And probably hate you so
At least you have me.


3 thoughts on “guess who? haiku

  1. Hahaha! These are so awesome. :) I’d write one of my own as a comment, but it would fail compared to these ones. The only haikus I’ve ever attempted are Buffy ones. Reams and reams of Buffy ones.

  2. Buffy haikus?? Perhaps on the 10th yr anniversary day we should post some Buffy-themed haikus. I bet Tash & Erin would be game.

  3. 1 tash (by sarain?)2 sarain3 michelle4 crissy1 sarain2 natasha3 crissy4 michelle (sarain wrote it though i think)this is a hard game

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