bonus round!

ding ding ding dong dong dong
church bells a-plenty on a sunday morning

i am particularly chipper today cause not only am I being forced to listen to the love of jesus as expressed thru clanging BUT i discovered i had the foresight to email myself work files which means that i can work from home today and not make the trek to work. frakkin frickin flippin A.

also yesterday Tash and I had an old-school Whedon marathon: 3 Angels, 7 Buffys, one giant plate of nachos. (and lotsa piet depsi. helps with endurance.)

ANDREW: (reading) “Getting the most out of your new microwave.” Hm. Nice. “Clock comma setting the, page 3.”

while some of the Potentials get a bit tiresome in S.7, there is so much goodness… everything Andrew says is hilarious and we haven’t even gotten to “Storyteller.” the last one we watched was “Get It Done” — Buffy goes back to the guys that made the original slayer and finds out how they made her. When I watched S.7 for the first time, it was fast and furious and I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about what it all meant — in the Buffyverse and as real world commentary — I just knew I liked it. I shall have to consult my Nikki guide or, I guess, talk to her in aforementioned real life. I haven’t yet started reading any of the academic essays/books on Buffy but I would like to beaucoup. Also there is this book that appeals to my gone-but-not-forgotten 17 year old science nerd self: Physics of the Buffyverse

I guess I should get back to work.


One thought on “bonus round!

  1. I totally have tons of those Buffy academic books, and they’re great, so let me know the angle, and I’ll bring in the book. Religion? Art? Philosophy? General scholarly topics? I’m yer gal. ;)

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