it’s like they were reading my mind.

now that was a good episode of Veronica Mars. and enough frakkin Battlestar Galactica references to keep me happy with good-show-crossover-goodness for weeks! weeks!

when veronica was a bit too bold, she got burned for it (blackmailing the judge, cmon, not a good plan); the nerd guy was super sweet; weevil had more than one line; evil madison from neptune high is back; awesome moments between keith & the sheriff; logan & v. are already in trouble after a few nice, sweet moments; and we’ve learned three great ways to make loads of money while in college, depending on your skill set:

(1) strip / whore around
(2) supply cheaters with their answers
(3) solve the world’s problems as a sassy detective.

I vote for #3! Also…the shirt V was wearing in the lingerie shop? I may have to craft that up for myself cause it was tres brillo.

Now if we could only work Mac and Wallace into an ep. as sharp as this one…


One thought on “it’s like they were reading my mind.

  1. I totally agree! Loved the ep. Just blogged on it myself (and almost used the same picture you did! I wish I had now… twin posts…) N xox

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