crash. smash.

no food + food = contentment. and apparently, a bit of daftness. i was silly today and ate very little until near faintsville. then picked up a burrito from the place at the corner by my apt, never been there before. will go again. soooooo good. and likely not just cause i was famished. now i am in a happy state of full.

long time no blog. let’s update by category:

reading: still the historian. the pace has definitely picked up (i’m around pg 260). nikki and i were talking about it and it truly is best described as what the da vinci code should have been, plus vampires. (in Buffy terms, not Spike or Angel vampires, more like the Master.) book #4 of 2007 (sadly that is all) goes to another ecwer: The Making of the Potterverse. now i want to reread my potter books. i was feeling rather disillusioned following what i would call the travesty of book 6. but i shall play along and get excited about #7, after reliving the past 10 yrs of the potterverse. also reading this month’s issue of Bust magazine. sadly the formerly cool/interesting and now relentlessly dippy gwen stefani is on the cover. however, it comes to the office for free and we
mustn’t complain.

in it, a very appalling news piece about Maryland (and North Carolina) state rape law:

“According to the court, Maryland law states that once you’ve said yes and the act has begun, you can’t change your mind. This means that even if you explicitly say no — withdrawing your consent — and ask the person to stop, you are not legally within your rights to expect the other person to do so; and if he continues, despite your objections, it’s not rape.”

utterly dumbfounding. and a dumb founding. it never ceases to amaze me that people with such backward ideas, devoid of human decency, are in a position to propagate them.

hmm. now full of rage. was planning on giving the much-overdue update on Kurt and Charlotte but i fear the plot may turn into a murder (minus the mystery) now.

…but it looks like it doesn’t matter as my internet connection has tuckered out. like me it is tired from a long day of transmitting information. rest, dear webternet. you’ve had a busy decade.

before i give up, one more thing, in case i vanish leaving only this post with which to track my disappearance:

in the past 24 hours i have been startled by three frightening out-of-the-blue no explanation or cause crashes. one last night — it seemed like something flew across the room and hit the wall — and two this morning — i was standing next to my desk and twice there was a noise as if something had crashed onto it, but nothing…all the things were in the same place. mysterious indeed.

oh! hurrah. the haunter has made my internet work again. for that i thank you.

soon time for veronica mars. hopefully nikki and i will agree on this episode’s jazz factor. i do hate to quarrel. one thing we do agree on is how to spell frakkin. greatest nerd discussion this year: one K or two?

so more than one more thing: as nikki reported, our very favourite Joss Whedon has directed an episode of our very favourite The Office. the world is not all bad, just 98.9%. crossover visits with favourite shows and/or entertainment folks is always brillo. let’s remember when Joss went to Neptune:


One thought on “crash. smash.

  1. “[The Historian] truly is best described as what the da vinci code should have been, plus vampires.”

    Really, anything can be made better with vampires. Moby Dick, with vampires. Swann’s Way, with vampires.

    Re: “frakkin.” Two “k”s. One “k” would necessitate a long “a” (i.e. it’d be pronounced “fray-kin.”).

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