half life

the half life i half remember from high school: “The time required to convert one half of a reactant to product. The term is commonly applied to radioactive decay, where the reactant is the parent isotope and the product is a daughter isotope.

the half life (by john mighton) i just saw with Maya, the CanStage production at the Bluma Appel theatre = fantastic. i am always nervous seeing a play. when they are bad, they are very very bad. but when they are good . . .

it was so full of ideas. M and I both had the urge to read the play, pen in hand to underline passages. i can’t really describe why it was so good: it was honest and earnest, well acted and well staged, funny and sad, intelligent and emotional.

it runs til feb. 3rd so see it if ya can.

AND the goodness of the play made it totally worth it to miss the winter premiere of heroes, which Adam says was only OK. except for the part where the body of Eden was found *in a lake near Sudbury* hahaha. that is so exotic. oh writers of Heroes.

AND this evening also qualifies as new year’s resolution fulfillment (see maya). check.

AND good night. xo.


3 thoughts on “half life

  1. interesting (but true) fact. we met john mighton – about 7 or 8 years ago. remember that weird music video party i took you to – sarain and daniel went as well? he was there and we spent most of the evening talking about his programme for teaching kids math – jump. we thought about volunteering at one point. good will hunting is based loosely on him as well. he was super engaging and intelligent and cool. i’m glad his play was too.

  2. I loved the play also, and I’m so glad you saw it. I thought the script was absolutely effing brilliant, and I’m looking for the print version as well. It had superb lines, and most of the actors in the production got the timing pretty spot on. I highly recommend it also. Considering, as you said, how some Toronto productions are just so cringeworthy that it makes you want to go to the ticket booth and barf before ask for your money back, it’s a pleasure to see a good production.

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