chop. chop. chop.

status report on new year’s resolutions.

tea drinking: check. vitamin taking: check. lunch bringing: 3 of 5 days. water drinking: up.

new music: yes, check. nadine took me to the emily haines show last saturday and i lurved it. then i bought knives don’t have your back and have listened to it all week long and am in fact listening to it right this second (while i sip water and wait for my rooibos tea to brew).

exercise: hold on to your caps, jacks. i went to a pilates class with adrienne last night. for the first time in my whole f’n life. and i am in so much achy-ache-ville-party-hurt-pain today. but it was fun and not too creepy at all. i shall go back there next thurs.

saw mum twice this week (twas her bday). there’s her cake from
the mandarin. she did not eat it. i wrote and mailed a thanksya card to my g’ma. i wore gold eyeshadow (which is actually more bronze than gold) and will again.

Failures: have not got tattoo yet. have not had a dance party. or read the paper. no travel, no crafts.

The conclusion to Love’s Paper Trail will be posted (hopefully) on Sunday, just so Corey R. can sleep at night knowing what happened between Charlotte and Kurt. Tash, S’rain, Oluh, and I wrote it over cocktails at Ted’s on Wednesday. So get ready for some stellar screenplayin. OR (i just had a good idea) we could turn it into a choose your own adventure. I give ya a couple options. You choose. We write it up and go that way. Anyone game?

my 2007 books so far consist entirely of ecw titles (#3 = to be continued…volume 3) and i should very much get back to reading our book club book, the historian. that’s what i’ll do right now.


One thought on “chop. chop. chop.

  1. very up for choose your own adventure. get a mobile phone sponsor and do it by text – like sam’s tv show. cause that’s easy of course.


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