Love’s Paper Trail

so for a brief time today, i was alone at ecw. the delivery guy came by and dropped off the paper. to avoid having to relive the moment, here is how i described it to Nikki by email:

I signed for the boxes of paper. He asked me if I was married. I gave him his sunglasses. He embraced me. I nervously guffawed. He asked me out. I said I was “seeing someone.” He said he has “terrible timing.” We wished each other happy new year.

Brillo Tash decided this would make an excellent MOW: “Set amid the turbulent world of publishing, a young delivery man pines for love with the editor he could only dream of; it’s a tragic paper-related love story.” Tonight at 8 pm, Love’s Paper Trail on WTN.

And so it begins:

Scene 1.
Interior Office. Day.

A young woman, CHARLOTTE, sits at her desk, alone in the office. The sun shines through the window making her long brown messy hair sparkle. Her glasses have inched down her nose. She pushes them up decisively and turns the page of the manuscript she is proofreading.

The door opens.

KURT strides in, wearing his canary yellow delivery-man uniform, wrinkled with love. His brow is furrowed and glistens with a veil of perspiration from his trek up to her third floor office. Charlotte looks up from her manuscript and her breath catches.


4 thoughts on “Love’s Paper Trail

  1. i took creative license. sorry tash.

    i think papercutz should be the sequel where the illicit lovechild finds out the truth behind her father’s hidden identity and falls for a fedex guy.

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