nyr 2007

healthy diet, exercise, make lunch, save money.

hang out with mum. write more letters. call friends and family.

swim and dance and write more. watch less TV. smoke less.

travel. get craftier. don’t be mean and judgmental. read the paper, watch the news. tidy up more. clean your junk out of mum’s basement. stop the apocalypse.

don’t get lazy. take that multi-vitamin. drink that rooibis tea.

listen to new music instead of the same old stuff over and over. wear gold eyeshadow again. write thank you cards to mums and grandmums. see toeknee more than when he was on a different continent. hang out with the 2010ers.

see maya b. once a month. don’t make plans and break them. gussy up the apartment.

play more jokes by post on s’rain. less caffeine. avoid celebrity culture as much as possible (with of course the major exception of all things Brit-Brit). work hard at work and get uber organized.

have more dance parties.

get flaming c tattoo.


4 thoughts on “nyr 2007

  1. wow wow wow. there is a lot there. i am not doing so very well with mine yet but have high hopes. it IS only january.

    i like the letter part.

  2. Nice list, chicky! I haven’t written up mine as yet, but I am eating healthier thus far … lots of avacado and spinach and carrots and all that jazz. Now if I could only get back into reading for book club … :)
    N xo

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