i don’t step. i battle.

just saw stomp the yard w/ R. wicked dance battles. and the best every-seat-taken, hollering audience to see it with. cheering for hot guy shirtlessness and for cute girl ass. and of course, for the moves.

was a nice break (once the trauma to start the story arc was done) from the apocalyptic things i’ve been watching lately. Adam and I finally began Battlestar Galatica — the miniseries thingy that started it. Fuck. Sucks watching Cylons attack. That is for suresy. So far Commander Adama is my fabbity fav character. And on Tues., S’rain, R., and I saw Children of Men. See that one.

want to post my last year wrap-up and new year’s resolutions …i shall (obviously) be a little late on that front. i haven’t dreamt up any good resolutions yet — solely boring things like take a multi-vitamin so you don’t get Morning Death and drink more water so your extremely high caffeine intake doesn’t dehydrate you. kickass basic survival stuff like that.

one thing i am going to do is keep track of the books i read, like Kerry. i’ve decided books i read at work count.

so officially the first book of 2007: All in This Together.

Clazza Geds has returned across the Atlantic. I vair vair muchly hope that I shall get to visit her in April. Twould be a veritable joy and a larf. Poor C. (and poor R.) suffered this Chrimbo from my lack of forethought and the crafty good-idea presents have not yet made their way to them. I am hopeful that by Feb. 1st they will both be set. Apologies. Next year someone give me a kick in October and I shall get cracking. Perhaps I shall add that one to my n.y.resolutions. Good one.

Kay, I am tuckered out from watching those dancers do all that killer battling. I wonder if I will have a breakdancing dream. Fingers crossed.


One thought on “i don’t step. i battle.

  1. littles my present is/was grand. mustard is spicy (just like us) and book is terrif. i have about 30 pages left. and my gift certainly wasn’t crafty. i think i am missing out on that gene. that and GARDENING.

    by the way – multivitamins and water are good resolutions.

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