make an assessment.

if you haven’t watched the Old Gregg video I posted a few weeks ago, do do do. it’s mental and hilarious and i am likely to never stop saying things from it. (it’s from the mighty boosh for those that wonder about such things.)

back from the rock, back on the mainland. had my non-chrimbo family dinner and presents. twas much fun. ham dinner. mustard presents. i’ve been spoiled and spoiled and spoiled with all the brillo gifts this year.

tis now the day of the eve of the new year. i am cleaning up the apartment un petit peu parce que Nadine & Claire are coming by round 5/6 to get ready, have some dinner, and then off we go to Sarah & Dave’s NYE partee. twill be funtastic. tangfastic.

ladies brunch yesterday:(the gang minus Mum B, who was taking the picture.)

listening to RunDMC and later Spice Girls. They are perfect for celebrating new year’s. So peppy.

so many things to update on but never the bloggin time. want to do n.y. resolutions…maybe on the 1st. happy new year from the Calhouner to you and yours. xoxo


2 thoughts on “make an assessment.

  1. Do you love me?
    Could you learn to love me?
    HA HA HE HE HA!!!

    Old Greg. What a guy. I will be watching this again … and again and again and again. And maybe again.

    Too many funnies for one watch.
    N xo

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