cristmas wrapping

there was no sing-song yesterday but this morning, Richie, Leanner and I had a spontaneous sing-along of Little Mermaid songs. Who knew they knew all the words just like me? Twas brilliant. We started with “Part of Your World,” moved onto “Under the Sea” and wrapped things up with “Kiss Da Girl.”

today we will be decorating a gingerbread train (!) and wrapping up presents. i have a few crafty things still to do and keep putting them off. soon i will run out of time and ruin chrimbo (again).

last night’s dinner at Riiiiiiiiick’s was so delicious and a change from the usual fare. i learned the difference between lamb, sheep, and mutton (we had sheep, Tash, not lamb). the chicken dish was spicy and delightful. mango rice. delicious little samosas.

back at the ranch, we watched Little Miss Sunshine, which was quite lovely; i’d been meaning to see it since way back when. then some ali g. then to sleep.

i had a dream i was leonard cohen’s new editor. we were having an event in a giant candlelit warehouse with TINARS and Audrey was there. instead of doing the event after publication of the book, it was an event to start off the writing process. def. unusual. then leonard put his arm around me in a gentlemanly romantic way and we were in love. of course i had to leave him for just a moment in dreamland and before i could return, i woke up and couldn’t get back in.


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