live from the Rock

here we are, in the Rock. (on the Rock?) it’s only Day 2 (day 1.5, really, especially with the 1.5 hr difference) and already we have had way tooooo much food. don’t worry, more eating is planned for 6 p.m. (4:30 EST).

we traveled on the busiest travel day of the whole year (as i was told numerous times) and it went off w/o a hitch. except for the scary, turbulent, zero-visibility landing in st. john’s. luckily i am armed with my From the Flight Deck knowledge, so I knew we were being guided by some jazzy machine on the ground and were very unlikely to crash into that ground.

snowstorm in and around st. john’s made for some treacherous, in-the-dark, unknown-land, curvy-roads driving. leanna was a superstar. it’s crazy how dark it gets here. no light except for the sporadic on-coming traffic. compared to my bedroom at night, where i can see every little thing from the street and buildings on king, it is intensely black.

jade the dog was very excited to see us but did not show her excitement with pee this year (thank you jadey). new house which looks almost like the last house only cozier. the Bunny in a Dress still covers the vacuum cleaner, rest assured.

today — a trip to Walmart. a dinner at cousin Rick’s. he has traveled the world and will be making us some fancy foreigner food. full report tomorrow. hoping to have a wander by the bay along the boardwalk. it’s not so cold today and getting out and about will be gooooood.

also…the bed is an electric magic vibrating bed. rather stiff and weird but very good for getting hysterical as it folds in two and keeps us there.

there is a piano here and R is trying to figure out how to play “beautiful.” perhaps we will have a sing-song later. Awesomeville, NFLD.


One thought on “live from the Rock

  1. oh for a dog that pees and a singalong. and a bed would be good too – my dad woke me up at 7.45 to go christmas shopping. it was festive though. happy chrimbo eve sugar plum !

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