pre-holiday day

today Clairey G. and I had a lovely day. we were a bit slow and headachy and indecisive but we achieved almost all the items on our pre-planned itinerary with added bonuses too. we both got our hair chopped and we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and did lots of queen w wandering. and lotsa chrimbo gifts were purchased.

watched funny things on youtube like the J.Timberlake dick in a box short and the weirdest thing you’ll ever see, a british comedy skit called Old Greg. I’ll find links one day but seeing as my laptop is about to run out of juice, it’ll have to wait.

jordan knight, former member of NKOTB, was on Identity tonight and it was rather sad. he just stood there like a d-list celebrity. i used to love you, jordan knight, even though i was supposed to love joey.

flippin laundry time. will do my best to blog from carbonear.


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