“I’m here to talk to you television about the monetizing of today broadcast.”
“Was any of that usable?”

nikki was kind enough to burn me a dvd of the last ep. of ANTM; haven’t watched it yet but she also included the clip from 30 rock of the Alec Baldwin character’s outtakes filming the Product Integration promo. it makes everything in the universe better. except i forgot that i was starving and left my toast sitting there for ages. and cold toast sorta defeats the goodness power of toast. snap.

sunny saturday morning. i stayed in last night and did very important things like cleaned up my room and did some NWA keying (no, not Straight Outta Compton NWA or the airline but the National Wrestling Alliance). and up this a.m. like a chipper person who wakes up every Saturday morning and crosses things off her list of things a faire. quick trip to the office to pick up all the stuff i forgot yesterday and now back home to workey work until party time. amie has absolved me of my cupcake making duties. assigned booze buying instead. i know how to do that.


One thought on “integortion

  1. “It’s called racial integration… no, that’s not right.”

    “It’s called product integortion… integortion?”

    “Can we do that again?”

    “This pen doesn’t work, is that OK?”

    “Oops, my bad, let’s go again.”

    “What’s the first word?”
    Long Pause.
    “What’s the second word?”
    Long Pause.

    Phone ringing.
    “Will you please turn off your phones? We’re trying to… oh, my bad, that’s my phone… okay, just seeing who’s calling… how do I turn it off… Oh, I think I just took a picture.”

    Yep, I’ve watched it about 27 times now. It never gets old. :)

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