dr. spaceman

“i am a stabbing robot.” 30 rock makes me laugh and laugh and then guffaw. dear tracy morgan, i heart you beaucoup and to the max.

last night was the workey chrimbo party featuring karaoke! even though we were missing key members of the ecw ace gang, it was still a good night and i did too much singing. self-nominated as person who embarrassed herself the most. ah not really. i am proud of my killer shaggy rapping skills. it’s the only party trick i’ve gots.

on tuesday i went to a showcase at the cfa and this one girl did an original spoken word piece that nearly killed me with its geniousity. i hope i’ll be able to get a copy from her cause i am dying to read it. wonder how it will be different reading it vs. seeing it performed. the whole eve was lovely. and filled the lonely veronica free hours quite nicely. it seems there really is a world out there when you turn off the telly. hmm.

amie’s chrimbo party sat. night & am looking forward to that one. will wear my xmas party uniform. saw friend from the centennial-era this eve for a catch-up and while i was barely coherent, it was lovely to see her. more, encore.

now i think i’ll be going to bed right this sec cause i missed out on some sleepers last night. don’t have any hot cocoa available but sure could go for some.


One thought on “dr. spaceman

  1. I LOVED that episode. Especially when Alec Baldwin says, “Jack Welch squeezes the sweetest juice out of the worker’s mindgrapes.”

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