“you wanna be on top?”

oh tyra. oh top model. last night’s episode was wicked-funny. nothing better than absolute judge nonsense. this week that meant: really bad dancing and more free-from-reason antm logic. poor CariDee (blonde one pictured above for those of you not watching ANTM) (why aren’t you watching ANTM?) got hypothermia in the cold Spanish pool and got in trouble for getting cold and bailing on the remainder of the photo shoot AND in trouble for staying in the pool too long to ensure she got a fierce photo (which she did). the lesson here is that no matter what you do, tyra is crazy and nigel hates you. so maybe this *is* a good crash course in the wacky world of fashion.

this photo shoot was very close to my heart (i heart water) & i think the only shoot i personally would have a chance at rocking (do not put me in the crazy wigs). i am very good at floating having spent hours of synchro practice doing just that — perfecting my floating skillz AND dealing w/ cold pools. and in synchro, like in the world of Top Model, it is considered cheating if you rest your foot on the bottom of the pool. So I’ve got that rule down. and as tyra taught us last week, to be a top model is more about attitude than actual modelling talent or awesome photos. that’s why Nikki and I are signing up for CNTM.

Two notable things about my trip home from work today:
1. I nearly got hit by a car.
Crossing at the intersection at Queen & Wineva, the white-man-walking sign says go. I start walking and there is an old lady crossing from the other side. She looks nice. She is carrying a Mastermind bag & I’m thinking “oh she just bought some nice present for her grandkid how sweet lalala.” In comes fast-moving ugly red car. “He better slow down or he’ll hit the nice old lady.” But no he speeds up so much that I’m the target. I had to JUMP out of the way. (Cat-like reflexes.) And I yelled “Jesus!” really loud. Maybe offending nice old lady. Kinda jazzy part of being really scared: my first instinct was to memorize the license plate. Thank you Law & Order: SUV reruns. I am
2. Ricky Gervais podcast.
Nothing will make you feel better faster after a near-hit than listening to that thing. Holy mackerel it’s frakin funny. I was on a crowded streetcar and could not stop laughing out loud. Whatever the stupid guy’s name is, he is a genius. Watch The Office tonight cause this ep is written by that crew.

and just cause i love this photo shoot here’s the other photo of dumb Melrose and dumb Eugena/Eugenia. Note Eugena’s foot is on the bottom of the pool. Cheater!


One thought on “fierce.

  1. I totally agree with you on the awesomeness of this episode, and the fact that we have to go get in line for Canada’s Next Top Model. If it’s all about passion and not about talent, as Tyra said, I am a SHOO-IN!

    I heart Ricky Gervais so much. Have you seen the clip of David Bowie on Extras? I need to post that one on my blog it had me laughing so hard… in fact, I’ll go do it now. :)

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