lesson the first

this weekend i (re)learned that it’s good to do something that thinking about gives you a nervy b. cause it just might turn out to be fun and not weird at all. had a lovely friday with some of the Ace Gang playing Guts (sorta) and trying Sarah’s sober patience. she has it in spades. saturday was spent with my darling Nadine. we ate lovely food (new brunch spot: morning glory) and had good chats and saw stranger than fiction. which was definitely worth seeing but not the bestest in the westest. there are some truly funny and charming moments. and will f. is his usual awesome self. i am still on my goldfrapp kick and need to acquire their entire body of work. currently at the cfa doing just a wee bit of work and then to r’s for our first hang out in a bit. he has promised the “best dinner ever” and when has he not delivered? (not including the ravioli incident of 2004.) then some firefly so my weekend will not be whedon-free. and i re-learned one more thing this weekend: being flip for funny’s sake is stupid.

if you do a google image search for Rory Calhoun, Erin’s shrine pops up. (oh dear, there is a rehearsal here for some random play and rehearsals can be sooooooooooooo weird to overhear. time to go.)


2 thoughts on “lesson the first

  1. no beng funny, but someone has seriously absconded with all my goddamn goldfrapp cds. every one. what the fuck?

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