list, list, oh list!

1. i dodged a barf trail on morning walk to the streetcar
2. joss whedon has 35 other myspace friends. i am #36. kick ass.
3. on sunday i made a pork roast and it was kinda f’n good.
4. i am behind on my book club book: the secret mitzvah of lucio burke
5. i have a great deal of work-work to do and lots of other non-work too.
6. i am inconsistently using end punctuation in this list.
7. after listening to the once more with feeling soundtrack lotsa times, it is stuck in my head. like a remix of all the songs into one super song, a couple lines from this one tossed in with a couple from that.
8. tomorrow morning someone will be shadowing me to learn how i do my job because they have to do the same job (well, some job title) at their company. hahahaha i say with a side of ohmigod-fear.
9. the title of this blog entry is a quotation from hamlet. (it might be incorrectly punctuated but what isn’t today? goddamnit.)
10. i would like a hot chocolate please.
11. do you think i will go out this evening and buy milk (i’m all out)? or do you think i will not and instead not have a coffee right off the bat in the a.m.? keep in mind that i rediscovered this morning that i do get caffiene-deprived headaches.
12. this is the most important one: when i was cleaning my stove (see below) on the weekend, i emailed erin (hi. i’m cleaning my stove). then moments later she calls me, incredulous. why? cause she was cleaning her stove at that exact time too. wtf and omg. also tgif, lol, and ttfn.


2 thoughts on “list, list, oh list!

  1. i do hope that that is indeed joss whedon. believe it or not there are imposters on myspace. there was a guy pretending to be my friend’s boss and we had to tell him to cease and desist.

  2. indeed, i came across a lot of fake Joss’s on myspace. I am fairly certain I got the real dude … and if not, well, let’s pretend.

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