sunday morning

my flurry of blogging in october has subsided a bit. don’t know why. apologies to my devoted readers.

this weekend i have done a bit of puttering around the apartment doing things i wanted to do 6 weeks ago. (weird that it’s only been 6 weeks in the apt. amie asked yesterday and i was ready to say 2.5 months.) gave the bathtub the scrubbing of its life and then hung up the new shower curtain (it’s “ivory”). for inspiration, i listened to no strings attached by my second fav. boy band (#1 = nkotb), *nsync. i find pop music from the 90s is the perfect soundtrack for cleaning. just bring the stereo’s remote with you and skip the ballads. you will kiss the grime bye bye bye. yes. i just said that. and meant it.

this morning i attacked Front Right Burner. former tenants of the apt had covered the burner trays (you know the bit under the element) with aluminium foil, presumably so if something dribbled, they’d just switch up the foil and not have any scrubbing to do. (if anyone knows why else you’d cover perfectly attractive burner trays with foil, please let me know.) so now eons later, the foil is crazy — crunchy, bubbly, adhered to the tray like a skin graft. and in the case of Front Right Burner, ready to catch fire. Turn that burner on and that “foil” smokes like a mofo. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in fire hazards but this is one I can identify. No longer. Now it’s sparkling and foil-free and the proudest Front Right Burner on King East.

and in other this-week-in-the-apt news, every morning i’ve added cinnamon to the coffee in the grand tradition of erin, kate, and heidi. it’s vair tasty and worth it, despite the fact that cinnamon does not lend itself to tidy percolation.

the TPL has lent me the once more with feeling soundtrack and i just can’t stop listening to “The Parking Ticket.” so we’ll end with a bit of Buffy dialogue, one of Russ’s favourites, in honour of dirt.

WILLOW: It’s magic. I’m drawing power from the earth to heal myself.

BUFFY: We’re on the second floor.

WILLOW: You know Giles says everything’s part of the earth. This bed. The air. Us.

BUFFY: Explains why my fingernails get dirty even when I don’t do anything.

From the Buffyverse Dialogue DataBase
Oh and those burner trays are called “burner bowls.”


2 thoughts on “sunday morning

  1. I clean to the Pet Shop Boys. But then, I also write all my grad school papers to the Pet Shop Boys. I’d have to say that The Backstreet Boys are second to NKOTB for me. (“All good people can’tyousee, can’tyousee/How your love’s affecting our real-a-tee”)And try TSP on your burners. I was chiselling a quarter inch of grease from the kitchen countertops and stove my condo’s previous owner left behind, until I discovered TSP. It was like, just swipe, and wipe! Magic. Except I then went and changed my kitchen and all the appliances. But it worked in the bathroom on his tile scum too.

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