very niiiiiiice

sometimes it’s boring to read about other people’s dreams but i just remembered mine and a big grin spread across my face (anyone else picturing the cheshire cat? shudder.)

so there was some sort of party/dinner at an outdoor courtyard restaurant/bar of a hotel. the party was OK but kinda boring. if andrey were there, we would have been talking favourite musical moment (not incl. the musical) in Buffy.

then i look up at the staircase of the hotel (glass enclosure, you can see people walking down to the lobby) and it’s george clooney, matt damon (who emailed me yesterday, right Jen?), julia r., lalala cast of Ocean’s Eleven, or I guess by now O’s 13. people at the party are kinda murmuring ooooh celebrities look oooh. (also murmuring rhubarb rhubarb no doubt.) then my spidey senses tingle, i turn toward the entrance, and who do I see? Borat!!!

Yes. Borat. Better than George Clooney? Yes. I walk over and some folk-music-Kazakstan-style is playing. I take his hand and we start doing a spirited folk dance. (i swear to god i was quite good at this in dreamland. thank you square dancing parties from the late 80s.) even though he’s all Borat, in character, there’s a little twinkle in Sacha’s eye letting me know it’s all jokes and it’s all just a character. anyway……we dance over to the bar and have a beer and the bartender gets in on the murmuring (that’s borat rhubarb). anyway. whatever. i can see this dream is kinda lame in the telling. so let’s just say, last night i had a very exciting dream full of folk dancing, Borat, ignoring handsome celebrities over less handsome ones, and i think Sacha and I were falling in love. OK? ok. the end.

now, i’ve been meaning to post this list since tuesday, but it will come in handy for all the celebrations taking place this weekend.

Britney Songs to Celebrate Britney’s Freedom:
I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)
Autumn Goodbye
What It’s Like (To Be Me)
What U See (Is What U Get)
Brave New Girl
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop Remix)

Britney Songs I Hope Britney Isn’t Listening To:
…Baby One More Time
From the Bottom of My Broken Heart
Slave 4 U
Born to Make You Happy
Sometimes (no one should listen to this song. unless doing the dance routine. that = fun.


One thought on “very niiiiiiice

  1. for someone who insisted on lack of care and concern re brit brit, i’ve been irrationally pleased about her divorce filing.


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