this week, i have had the distinct pleasure of saying to myself, as i pack my bag for the day: got my iPod, got my jPod.

in this month’s issue of Wired (among interesting articles) i saw an ad — Douglas Coupland endorsing some blackberry-esque product that he uses to work on his in-progress jPod tv show.

adam saw i was reading jPod and said hey i just reserved that from the liberry today and i’m one-millionth in line.

yesterday evening, i decide to show S’rain and Ola the pages I was “reading” in jPod where the first 100,000 digits of pi are printed with one rogue digit (the game is to find the rogue one). then S’rain says i am auditioning for a show called jPod on Monday.

then mere moments later, flipping thru channels we see a segment on eTalk Daily about the Giller Prize. they flash the jPod cover and note its utter lack of a nomination.

so now i get to finish reading the book and then read the script: “i love turtles.”


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