ms. peacock

there’s a pretty good idea of my costume for ya. the feathers held for most of the night until i danced ’em off. i found little baby peacocks at the dollarama (what don’t they have there?) and had two in my bird’s nest hair (that’s the sticky-up bit) and one i stuck on my shirt strap when it refused to be a very unwieldy ring. the night was boo-tastic. and erin showed up! bearing a clue-themed craft. so what is better than that? nothing. close second: ola, s’rain, and me crazy-dance to “wannabe.” and also tied for second: sparkler game of interpretative dance in the windy, rainy (traffic-free) road. oh and pumpkin carving contest between Colonel Mustard and Steve Erwin. Brillo.


2 thoughts on “ms. peacock

  1. I love!!! You look awesome. The peacock feathers suit you well, my dahling. I really must get my hands on that movie. It was my favourite game as a kiddie.

  2. Well done Ms. Calhoun. I especially love your expression in this picture. It’s most evocative of that black and white photo you styled yourself on. I’d have like to see more bird’s nest, though! With some extra-hold hairspray. And some baby peacocks in it.

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